Telehealth and virtual care are broad terms used to describe the use of technology to deliver veterinary medicine services.  The technology available is unlimited.  Currently, most veterinary practices use phone, text, email and video conferencing.   

 Telemedicine, when there is a current Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR), is the use of video consultation between a veterinarian and their client / patient when they are in different locations.  This may be with the client in their home, or could be used when the veterinarian is with the patient while the client is waiting curbside.

 Teleadvice and Teletriage are when a veterinarian or technician provide general veterinary medical advice that is not intended to specifically diagnose or treat a patient.  It is helpful to a client who is worried for their pet but is unable to be seen by their regular veterinarian in a timely manner. Or when there is no established VCPR.  Teleadvice is especially useful, for example, for the more complicated issues clients raise about Quality-of-Life or Behavior concerns.

 Dr. Linda Speizer, DVM Veterinary Locum Services is available to provide Telemedicine and / or Teleadvice consultations to veterinary clients.  Also, she can help you set-up and improve your Telehealth virtual care options throughout your hospital.

 Your client consults with Dr. Speizer via Zoom or another video conferencing tool. A complete medical history is collected, examination is done virtually, recommendations and a plan are discussed completely.  If the patient needs any diagnostic evaluations or medication, they are referred back to the client’s home hospital. A telemedicine consultation saves the veterinary hospital time on a busy day. History, symptoms, and patient evaluation are done from the comfort of the client’s home. Workup, treatments and medications are referred to your practice as needed.  Medical records are kept and forwarded to your veterinary hospital immediately following the consultation.

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Contact Dr. Speizer to discuss Telemedicine or Teleadvice options for your clients and how to improve efficiency in your Hospital using Telehealth and virtual care when communicating with your clients.

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